Abi and I love our smores when we go camping...BUT who says you have to be camping to enjoy one-

Normally, playing in the snow with Abi is Tony's job- I hate being cold....but he was busy putting the Christmas lights on the house, so I couldn't say No. Avri was down for her nap- so I toughed it out and went out with her. I had so much fun! It had been way too long since I had built a snowman! We got Daddy to stop for a little bit and join us in a snowball fight.

See who Avri looks like... DADDY! She's not the mini- me Abi is.

Over vacation, we enjoyed a day at Lisa's house (Tony's sister) in St Louis. Everyone was able to make it- and we had a nice time. Below are pics of the girls...yes, ALL girls! no boys- but don't
look at us to change that!! LISA!!!
They dressed up as princesses and entertained us with a princess parade.

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