Blog vacation

I'm still alive! I not only took a vacation from work but my blog as well. Sorry! Once I get caught up I'll be back in full force. I have so many things I want to share so keep checking back. I spent my week off getting the typical Holiday things done. We bought a new Christmas tree this year- I finally got a pre-lit tree- its so pretty! I love it! Abi really got into putting all the ornaments on- so keep this in mind when you see how bunched up and low the decorations are:).

Avri is keeping me busy- she is simply a "Monster" right now. 13 months old.... yeah, that's the busy stage! She never tires too much either- amazing- why do I? She made that baby to toddler transition somewhere around Thanksgiving. She no longer takes a bottle! Sad day sort of to pack all the bottles away. I still get her to sit in my lap though for her bed time sippy cup of milk.

I baked/decorated sugar cookies, spent a day X-mas shopping with my mom in Bloomington, worked on a play area for the girls in the basement, took Abi to see her first movie- Madagascar 2- ( I forgot to tell her the part about not talking loud :) , more Xmas shopping, night out with Tony, a Mommy & Avri day, built a snowman with Abi, and much much more.

I'll leave you with a few Abi-isms for now. She is so funny!

*Keep in mind this was said in a that's not fair voice!!
*The girls were in the bathtub and Abi hollered

"Avri is getting big girl boobies and I'm not!"

*Abi is so into the Santa belief right now and yes we are guilty of using it to bribe her with good behavior...and she whispered "Can he hear me if I talk real quietly?"

*Abi told me she didn't love anyone else but regular Gma( this is what she calls my mom).. I told her YES you do! You can love more than one person, etc. etc., and she said "No- Regular Gma takes up all the space!"

Have a good evening!

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