Black Barts Pumpkin Patch Visit

That time again- to visit the pumpkin patches!! One of Abi's most favorite things to do and Avri is following her sisters footsteps. They can spend hours their! I love it too.  We went to Black Barts on Sunday about two weeks ago, and it ended up being so cold and breezy!  They didn't seem to mind!

Ran into some good friends, Drake and Luke Doolin.

Snow White and her 7 friends.... PLUS two. :)

                                          Abi always remembers they have yummy iced pumpkin cookies at the Pumpkin Patch.

They always seemed to make their way back to this slide...

This was Pumpkin Patch visit #1... I told you Abi loves it-  so we try to go to a few different ones each fall.  Pics soon to come of our Arthur Pumpkin Patch visit with much, much better weather!

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