Anniversary weekend update......

Just to update you on our anniversary weekend, we went to Peoria. We ate dinner at a fantastic place- I highly recommend next time any of you are in Peoria that you try The Fishhouse! It was very, very good! Fantastic fresh seafood- menu out of this world- Tony had Swordfish- it was delicious and I stuck with my typical favorite, shrimp. It was the best shrimp ever! We stopped at a little pub that looked interesting afterwards and had a drink, then off to the gambling boat we headed. Slot machines and playing cards at the Blackjack table was a favorite thing for us to do prior to kids. ( well maybe I should speak for myself- MY favorite thing to do- I think I could be an addict if I lived closer) We had a great night- Tony walked off a winner, quite a bit ahead, and I did not do so hot- but oh well- We had a lot of FUN! Then we stayed in the Paradice hotel across from the boat. And the girls had a great time spending the weekend with gma and pa-pa. OH, and Aunt Lorie while gma and papa were in church. (Abi says Aunt Lorie is THE BEST!)

I will take a pic of my anniversary gift to Tony when its done. I ordered a big rock for the flower/mulch bed in front of our house with our last name across the top and the CUBS symbol below it. He was surprised when he opened a wrapped box with a small little rock with that written in magic marker on it. We cant wait to see the real thing!

Ive been bad about taking pics lately- life has been a little on the hectic side!

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