Weekend pics

Haley and Kyle came for the weekend, my brother's two, and stayed with Gma and Papa. They live up by Chicago. Abi was fighting allergies really bad and not herself, but insisted she was well enough to go play with Haley and Kyle. Before we could make it to MTZ from Maroa, she threw up in the car 2 times, (lovely!) Anyhow- the kids had a good time. My mom made a family speciality for dinner and had everyone over.

I told the kids to do something silly-
Haley is really growing!!

Haley and Avri
After dinner, all the guys got prepared for a night at Macon Speedway racing- at Kyle's request. He loves to go! They are standing by the mailbox because someone in the picture hit it over backing out of Dad's driveway. I wont mention any names! :)
Bummed an hour later, they showed back up- no races that Saturday night, was the ONE Saturday night Macon takes a week off! BUMMER!
AND they cut our "girl" time short!
JUST a little tidbit..Avri has been sick all week too so I took her to the dr, our lil' girl weighs 25 lbs and 14 ozs!! ( thats 5 lbs less than her big sis!!) crazy!

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Jami said...

Poor Abi! Poor car! Looks like a fun day. I hope the girls are feeling better soon.