Flower Girl

OK, prepare yourself this may be a long Post. The date finally arrived that we have long anticipated. Kellie and Nate's wedding date. Kellie and Nate have been dating for years- she is my cousin that I babysat growing up- she used to fight over sitting "next" to me at the family table during family get-together growing up.. :0)

She dated Nate all thru her college years at Ball State and then as they started there lives in California.
Abi had the honor of being the flower girl in their wedding.

This is during the dinner rehearsal- Avri and Haley.

Avri and Ashley

The wedding day morning, Haley and Abi both were flower girls, and were included in the "up-do" party at Attitudes Salon.

Before the wedding.....
Abi looked absolutely beautiful! And she loved being in a "princess" dress all day!

Me and Julie,my SIL.

Beautiful Wedding party!

This is just precious, in front of the church.

My brother Shawn and his daughter Haley, and Abi.

Reception at the Masonic Temple. We had SO much fun. The girls danced the night away- literally! They could NOT get off the dance floor! When I would need to take a break to rest, Avri would be right after me- "mommy- come back and dance with me." A few times I got Papa and Gma to take my place. But for the most part I danced the night with them- and had so much fun. Music was great- Girls crashed on the way home. As a matter of fact- Avri was telling me as we pulled out of the parking lot at 10pm, ( HOURS of dancing!!) she didn't want to go home, but as she was finishing her sentence ....asleep she was! TOO CUTE!
Can you find the girls out there for the bouquet toss?
As I said I danced most of the night so I don't have many pics now - but I will be posting more soon. My mom took some family pics of the girls and Tony and I.
Was a beautiful Day! Congrats Kellie and Nate!

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