Let the Summer Fun begin....

We recently celebrated a long time friend's 40th birthday. My girlfriend planned a group of 16 to go to a Cardinals game together to celebrate...and ride "in style". We left Decatur from their house in a Ford F350 LIMO. Totally awesome!

Sheila and I posing....

Here's the group...before the day got started. Yes, Tony has Cubs gear on and yes he went to watch the Cardinals. :) He didn't mind, he was in good company! He even bought me a Cardinals shirt to wear to the game!

I love you girls!

Birthday boy!

We stopped at Fast Eddies in Alton. Oh my gosh- I cant believe this place has existed and Ive never been- I LOVED IT- I cant WAIT to go back! Awesome shrimp, awesome food, awesome environment! I was ready to stop again on the way back after the game!

It was ironic, the first person we saw when we walked in the doors was my brother in law, Carlos. Him and Lisa were headed to Illinois for a visit, first time back with the babies. They spent time in St. Louis with their friends there before heading to Decatur.

The entire day was so much fun- had a great time! We did experience a slight problem with the limo on the way home. Approx Springfield area the limo was starting to break down and had to pull over numerous times. Not good- and the air had to be turned off, and I don't believe we were going over 30MPH, got quite interesting...and if you know me well, you know I was bit worried. But we made it-and ya know- the day was so much that this didn't take away from it at all!
Thank you so much Mike and Sheila for letting us celebrate with you! We love you guys!

Below are just some snapshots on my phone, that I wanted to share..below are the girls at the campground with their new friends coloring in the morning.

The girls with the Easter bunny earlier this year.

The girls making grandmas ice cream birthday cake. They are my kitchen helpers!

I believe they both ended up eating some of an ice cream sandwich...yes in the morning....:)

trying on swimsuits...ready for some swimming!

trying on the winter gear...hmm.. ready for snowball fights? :)
One of our walks around the neighborhood, in the bike trailer with snacks.

Wow, is she talented or what?! Who else do you know can eat a hashbrown with their feet? Who else do you know that would TRY to eat a hashbrown with their feet? :)

Two beautiful, silly girls.

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