Our first Camping Adventure 2010

As most of you know we enjoy camping through out the season, however we always had to shack up with others. At the end of last years season we purchased a pop-camper and we took it out for the first time this Memorial Day weekend. We stayed close to home and went to Weldon Springs. Everything worked like a charm, ( minus the frig stopped working halfway thru the weekend- but that's ok we had plenty of coolers) It was Memorial Day weekend and we were a bit worried there may not be any sites left. Especially since we weren't pulling in until Friday afternoon. There were two- and one being handicapped. So we packed in with the help of our neighbors...and Tony set up in no time! Immediately we met our "neighbors" and found that we were surrounded by kids- mainly girls. Our girls had so much fun playing with them!

They broke out squirt guns and the kids had a BLAST running around soaking each other.
Avri here getting the hang of it before she takes off....doesn't take her long!

The kids fillin up.

They had so much fun, running around and giggling.

Our camper below. A/C worked great, we have a Bathroom and a small shower that the girls used and it all worked great!

One of the trails right by our campsite led us to a little Grille that sat on a pond with paddle boats. On Saturday afternoon at a pretty hot point in the day, we took off with our girls and a few others camping next to us and headed to get some ice cream.
Take a look...think Avri enjoyed it?

The girls enjoyed coloring off and on all weekend in the camper soaking up some of the a/c on a hot weekend!


And a perfect way to end the Holiday weekend. The girls were super ready to get out the slip n slide on Monday, Memorial Day. Even though it wasn't slip n slide weather.

Avri not quite as brave as her sister ...( thats a first!)

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