Abi turned the big 5 last week. The morning of her birthday, Tuesday, I sat on the edge of her bed, we talked and she sat up and said "See if you can still carry me now that I am 5." So I walked her around her room- Guess she is worried the older she gets mommy wont be able to carry her. She was so glad I still could. And then she told me she still "felt 4". She was a lucky girl this year with many birthday celebrations. She had her first "friends" party on Saturday, and then the family party on Sunday. Then on Tuesday, her actual B-day, we let her choose where she wanted to eat dinner at and she chose Texas Roadhouse. Tony, Avri and I gave her all our presents.

A few snap shots taken on Sunday.

Sunday Morning, bright and early in her pj's, she decorated her own cake. Mini Betty Crocker ya know.

Later that day,

She got alot of cute stuff, and one very special blanket. Gma handmade her this blanket for her cot at school and its Abi's favorite things- purple and glittery butterflies! She loves it!

This is her within two minutes of the last person leaving for her party. And I might throw in - if it got a wrinkle in it as she layed there watching a movie she requested Tony or I straighten it up. AND Avri was not allowed to touch it. Geesh! :)

These were taken on Tuesday evening after dinner.

This is her kick board for swimming Daddy picked out.

Legos from her sissy.

More to come of her friend party at Dynamite Gymnastics- she had a blast!

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Brie said...

The big number five!! I wish I could have been there. It looks like she had a good time and got lots of fun stuff to play with for the next time I come over!! <3