The Prettiest Dancing Lion!

Abi has been taking dance lessons, by Decatur Park District Dance and she recently had her FIRST Dance recital. Here we are before we left for her recital. I cant tell you how proud and worried ( afraid she would get stage fright!) I was for her. She did great the "rehearsal"night, however lights were on, music wasn't loud AND there were just a handful of moms in the seats at the Decatur Civic Center. Dance recital day- the lights were out, music loud and not an empty seat! OUR little lion danced her heart out! I have to admit, my eyes were filled with tears watching Abi perform on stage- HAPPY tears, ( yes, I know I'm an emotional mommy) but I cant tell you how proud I was of her!!

Waiting for time to leave....

Abi and Sharon.

This would be Avri when we got home. I went back and forth on whether to take Avri to the dance recital. I knew I didn't want her to miss her Sisters big debut, however I was worried how well a 2 yr old could sit still through a lengthy recital, not to mention it was DURING nap time! Well, Both my girls came through this day! Avri was GREAT! She sat still taking turns on our laps, but watched and enjoyed the entire 2 hour recital! As each group came out, she looked for her sister.
But it obviously wore her out watching all that dancing- she crashed!
Abi the next day with the flowers she rec'd from Mommy and Daddy and Gma. SO Beautiful! I love you sweetheart!

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