Christmas EVE....

Before we headed out to my Mom and Dads house...Abi was doing some posing for me.   There was something special that she wanted captured. She lost her second tooth today. Yes, that's right...TOOTH fairy and Santa came over in the same night. What a special night for her! 

There is the beautiful toothless smile!

Avri took this picture of my amazing Mom. I Love you Mom!!
My cousin, Chad, getting in with the kids play.
My cousin Kellie, who drives 36 hours to be with us on Christmas. Abi was her flower girl earlier this year. 
Handsome Baby Chad

Chad reading Hansel and Gretel...the kids favorite. Papa must have had the night off...this is usually the book he reads to them...
We got Kellie and Nate a personalized doormat for their new home they recently purchased in California.  Newlyweds and new home owners all in a short time! How exciting for them! 

AND the white elephant game begins...  always a good time!!! Always some good laughs!

Avri with her new dolly.

And to close the night, the group gathered around and played quarters. No, NOT a drinking game quarters, but a game with 3 dice, and 3 quarters per person and depending on what you either move your quarter to the left, to the right, or to the center..and it goes until someone is the last person with a quarter and they win the pot......and the winner was.......AVRI!!    ( look whose getting the quarters....her sissy)

I think I heard Austin say...Ive been playing for 16 years and haven't won the pot yet and Avri won!  :)

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