Santa came!!! Santa Came!!!

Santa came to our house, did he come to yours?  ( oh! and the tooth fairy too-  she must think those that lose teeth on Christmas Eve are special and  deserve an extra gold dollar coin because Abi got TWO this time....)
The girls came and got Tony and I up and we all went into the living room together to find Santa had been!!  I was relieved!! :)
 Wasnt sure if he would think they had been good enough all year :)

Abi instantly hops on her Tinkerbell scooter...

Avri got her very OWN camera- 

Loves her scooter- can you tell? :)
Avri got a Fashion show ....thing.  With a short runway that lights up and speakers to plug into her Barbie music.

Santa must know that since her addiction with Barbie Fashionista she does fashion shows constantly. They consist of dancing, twirling and lots of smiling...(from her and I.  :)

Checking out all the Santa surprises before we start in on from Mommy and Daddy gifts.... 

This outfit is SO Avri-  fun and loud!
Abi got Tangled for her Leapster...
Avri got her OWN Leapster... ( been wanting to play with big sissy's lately)
AND LAST .......The DSI she has been wanting.   We got big hugs for that one- 
Immediately they had to set the DSI up....

We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you and your family did too. Spending time with Tony and the girls, and my family, and all of Tony's family is a true blessing.  It is sad to think of the loved ones that are not with us during these holidays- however,  we are creating new memories to add to the old that we will ALWAYS have in our hearts.

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