Tertocha Family Christmas 2010

We celebrated Christmas with Tony's family at his brothers house.  All the kids (8 GIRLS!!!) had a great time.

Waiting patiently for their food.....


Avri got boots from Aunt Lisa and family!  You know she loves her cowboy boots...and these are " real" cowboy boots from Texas!
And of course...you know she had to put them on right then! Perfect fit!
Cameron and Peyton are happy with just the wrapping paper.
Madison, Abi and Avri all got fancy dresses from Uncle Rob, so those were put on too....you girls look beautiful!
Tony couldn't resist getting Cameron and/or Peyton a CUBS cheer leading outfit.  Not to sure Lisa and Carlos ( Cardinal fans) will dress them it.  Lisa said the "C" could stand for Cameron!! :)

AND the group picture of the kids... Ranging from ages 1 to 19.
Just look at those eyes!!! So sweet!  WE MISS you guys already!

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