What have you been up to?

The girls bring up Florida on a daily basis, and as I know we will get them to see the Magical Castle that all their favorite princesses live in,,, we are trying to wait it out until naps are not a Must...and they can actually stay up past sundown with out turning into GRUMPY bears.  Well, its not just the Magical Castle they want to see. Abi is so anxious to see the ocean. She knows all about it from Gma who travels alot and once brought her back seashells.  So a few nights ago...she gets her seashells and spreads them all over the bottom of her bathwater...and says...Its her ocean and played forever!

Abi has again started the frequent fevers and couch bound. For those that dont already know, she is getting her tonsils out soon.  She isn't aware quite yet, only because she is a worrier, like her mommy. They booked us practically 5 weeks from the date we were told...so why tell her that soon, right?!   I am looking for the book Good Bye Tonsils, should help me to explain to her too.   Found on-line, but looking for it locally.

I personally did not make any New Years resolutions, did you?  I instead made "2011 Goals". Wish Me Luck! Nothing is unreachable!

Abi got Just Dance for Kids on Wii, she is getting better and better.  Tony and I try it sometimes with her....quite COMICAL!! :)  When I need a laugh...( hope he doesn't read this...) I watch a video I recorded of Tony dancing to "Celebration."

Avri has moved to a big girl room at daycare.  She is doing fine with the move and now has Journal time!!  I'm excited because she isn't much like her sister was at this age-  who constantly wanted a pencil in her hand.  Avri would rather show you her Booty dance or just simply have a conversation about ANYthing.

Abi is doing great at Kindergarten still, getting more sight words under her belt.   She got her first report card  recently and did amazing!

 We are coming up on a weekend!  Hope you make it amazing!
The girls and I decorated jars for Valentines Day candy...my .50 cent deal of the week find ( the jars) and used ribbons and craft stuff we already had...

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